We know extracurricular (EA) activities are pivotal to both your academic endeavors and intellectual growth, but not all EAs are created equal. Our team will take you on an unforgettable, goal-oriented journey to somewhere you will get unique hands-on experience and achievement relating to your aspired fields of study and career. The program is conducted in “apprenticeship style” which quality means everything; that includes minimizing our student-teacher ratio to less than 5:1. Due to the unique nature of our programs, our AAP signature projects are highly customized and may not be scalable.  


You heard about all the top-tier universities such as Harvard and Princeton, but have you been there? Our students will not only be able to visit their dream schools with our highly experienced college admission consultant, but also they will have the opportunity to personally engage with both the alumni and college admission officers. Students will learn things about these schools that can't be learned from the internet such as the campus culture, the admissions values, and the overall evironment. Since we don’t outsource to a third party, the quality of this program is 100% backed by the AE team!