About Us

Apprentice Education LLC is a company that works with schools and academic counselors in placing their highly recommended students in the best internship programs, in reputable companies and government agencies within the state of California..  The goal is not just to provide the students with valuable hands-on experience but also to develop their life skills and set their future directions.  All members of the company are dedicated educators who have successfully sent students to their dream schools and dream jobs since 2012. Our team has invested so much time and resources into building a well-connected professional network in the San Francisco Bay Area that enable students, both domestic and abroad, to have the first-hand experience in their dream careers.

We understand that the students’ overall experiences are as important as the results, and their parents had great faith in us by entrusting their children to our arrangements.  Therefore, we are very serious about the quality of our services and detail-oriented not only in setting up the internships but also in taking care of the students’ housing and weekend activities.   We take huge pride in providing a supportive, safe, and fun homestay experience to our students.  We love what we do, so while our students are around, the word “off work” is not in our dictionary.     

Our Missions

Apprentice Education LLC believes in both academic and personal development of the students. We have set our program around achieving these three main targets.

First, our aim is to help students set the right academic or professional goals through hands-on experience.  If a student tells us that he wants to be a doctor, we will give him a taste of a doctor’s profession before he makes a further commitment.  If a student tells us that she wants to major in political science, we won’t just tell her what a politician does, we will show it to her through the internship experience.  

Second, we want this experience to be valuable in two ways.  Most top-tier colleges stress much on applicants’ extracurricular activities; our goal is to make the student’s profile more competitive when applying to their dream schools.  The other takeaway is the inspiration they get from the experience which serves as a foundation to their future aspirations.  

Lastly, we strive to make this overall experience a fun and an unforgettable one to our students.  We believe that people learn best when they enjoy something.  We are experts in combining work, learning, and fun for our students – an internship and homestay of a lifetime. 
What We Do
How We Do It
Our Vision
After we receive your application, we will contact you for the initial online interview to find out more about your interests and qualifications.  To help you maximize your potential, we will also obtain information from your academic counselors if they are our partners.  Then, we will give you some advice and options that we believe are the best for your college application or professional development. ​
When we reach an agreement on the most suitable programs tailored toward your needs, we will start connecting with the organizations that provide your internships and the homestay families in our robust and powerful network.  Given our convenient access to hundreds of organizations in the heart of the Silicon Valley, chances are, you will land on an internship around the Bay.  After your homestay is settled, this is where the adventure begins!

​​​Our company is founded with two goals in mind: helping our students realize their true passion and actualize their dreams; give back to the society and better the world at large.​ We are actively involved in our communities, and we influence our students on the value of charity.  This is also why we are loved by both our students and parents, and we have the support of of many organizations.

We are here

Join Our Cause

By joining us, you have also joined a great cause! Apprentice Education LLC is a proud donor to children's charity groups around the world.  We have made contributions to helping the underprivileged Native American youth in Montana, buying blankets for orphan homes in the southern states, supporting foster homes that house troubled teenagers who lost their families, feeding hungry children in Latin America and so on.  As our company grows, our helping hands and the circle of altruism shall grow accordingly.