Academic Planning for 8th~12th Grade Students

Many others have gone to their dream schools, why can't you be next?

​​Academic Consulting & Excellence (ACE) Program
We offer year long personalized academic consulting that streamlines the needs of students and guides them toward achieving their academic goals over time. We also offer consulting to prepare them get admitted to the most competitive schools in the country. Our educators will take the student’s general academic performance, grades, and the school they wishto go to into consideration in order to recommend one of our programs that is suitable for the student, like ACE, and the most beneficial option our Admission Programs offer. The following are some of things that our experts will assist you with:

* Meetings and discussions that are done on a one-on-one basis and in a hand-in-hand manner.
* Reviewing and assess academic progress
* Choosing courses and extracurricular activities
* Choosing and planning for standardized tests
* Discovering student's interests and strengths (as well as weaknesses and how to improve or avoid them)
* Planning and arranging student's summer plans
* Inspiring and matching student's passions with appropriate school selections
* Broadening student's horizon and advising on what's in the best interest of the student's academic endeavors, as well as personal growth, and much more...
The goal is for our highly experienced consultants to be with you throughout the entire process, making academic planning seamless and giving you the time-tested results!

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