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​​Master Consulting Program (online)
Thinking about going to Ivy League schools? May be getting an advisor who graduated from Ivy League makes more sense to you. We work with one of the largest and reputable college consulting firms in the US that has a strong network of consultants who graduated from the top-ranked universities such as Ivy League. These consultants will help you via online, though they will give you the following benefits:

You get to choose a consultant from the network. You can even meet with them online briefly before committing to the service.

Besides helping you out online, these consultants have partners who will be able to assist you in case of emergency. In fact, your consultant will still fly to meet with you from the Ivy League schools during certain times of the year!

All meetings are recorded and can be shared with both parents and students.

Admission or FREE! (optional)
That’s right. If you are concerned about the risk of not getting into your dream school, you can sign a 100% money back guarantee contract with us. Either you are in or it’s FREE. Yes, we are THAT confident! You have nothing to lose. 

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